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John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

Albert Keebler Armitage (22Aug1891 - Mar1971)

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Born: 22Aug1891 at TN Father: James Armitage (Mar1851 - 26Mar1919)
Died: Mar1971 in Kingsport, Sullivan Cty, Tennessee Mother: Louise Jane Keebler (22Feb1855 - 02Sep1942)
Children: Siblings: Orgie C (Carl) Armitage Sr.(1877 - 1942)
Morris (Roy) Armitage (Born 1879)
Sarah Irene Armitage (02Oct1882 - 01Nov1965)
James Eugene Armitage (Born 1897)
He was called "Kee"

Below per phone conversation I had with Janice Early on 11Oct2011. FR
Uncle Key married Myrtle Wood(s). Myrtle's youngest brother married Janice Early's father. Janice's mother was sent down from MI (I think) to Sullins. That’s where Janice’s mother met husband named Bill Wood(s) & they had only one child (Janice referred to Aunt Myrtle). Woods died very early. Janice & mother went back to MI. Her mom wanted her to remember her Southern roots, so she came back in the summers & I gess stayed with Myrtle & Key. She recalls the Park St house and our family. Her mom died Feb2011.

1910 census Greeneville Ward 2, Greene, Tennessee
James Armitage 60 Louisa Armitage 55 Carl Armitage 32 Roy Armitage 30 Keebler Armitage 18 Eugene Armitage 13 Sarah Keebleen 85

1920 census Greeneville, Greene, Tennessee
Louise Armitage 64 James E Armitage 23 Keller Armitage 27

1930 census Bristol, Bristol (Independent City), Virginia (901 Park St)
Albert K Armitage 34 Myrtle Armitage 26

Social Security Death Index
Name: Albert Armitage Last Residence: 37664 Kingsport, Sullivan, Tennessee Born: 22 Aug 1891 Died: Mar 1971
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