Stone Genealogy

John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

Cephus French Stone (02Dec1856 - 03Feb1924)

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Born: 02Dec1856 at Carroll Co., VA Father: James Stephen Stone (1817 - 1884)
Died: 03Feb1924 in Carroll Co., VA Mother: Rhoda Hurst (1817 - 1903)
Children: Lawrence Stone (Born Oct1880)
Florence Stone (Born Aug1882)
Dexter Stone (Born Jan1885)
Heath Stone (Born Jun1887)
Atley Stone (Born Mar1889)
Grace Stone (09Mar1891 - 25Oct1976)
Hasker Stone (Born Aug1893)
Hobart Stone (27Nov1895 - 22Apr1987)
Jason Stone (27Nov1895 - 24Feb1896)
Pierce Stone (22Oct1900 - 26Nov1983)
Nellie M. Stone (Born 1906)
Siblings: James Mark Stone (Born 1843)
Amanda C. Stone (Born 1844)
William Francis Stone (Born 1846)
Joel Edward Stone (Born 02Jul1847)
Esther M. Stone (Born 1849)
Susan R. Stone (Born 1851)
Jemina Stone (Born 1853)
Phillip S. Stone (Born 27May1854)
Nancy A. Stone (Born 25Jul1860)
Married: Eliza Jane Fowler on 15Jan1880
Most of this family are buried at the Stone Cemetery located on Route 745, 300 yards north of Route 746 intersection, Carroll Co. VA.
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