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John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

Charles M Dulaney, Jr (Born 1901)

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Born: 1901 at VA Father:
Died: Mother:
Children: Siblings:
Married: Pauline E Stone on 1928
1930 census Bristol, Bristol (Independent City), Virginia Charles M Dulaney 29 Pauline E Dulaney 29 Fannie C Stone 75 Rachael D Stone 32
His father was born in 'United States' & mother in VA

Benjamin L Dulaney 1860 census: Name: Benjamin L Dulaney Age in 1860: 2 Birth Year: abt 1858 Birthplace: Tennessee Home in 1860: District 5, Sullivan, Tennessee Gender: Male Post Office: Blountville Rebecca C Dulaney 35 E R D Dulaney 22 Louisa M Dulaney 9 Joseph M Dulaney 7 William C R Dulaney 5 Benjamin L Dulaney 2 Rosanna Langley 12|1652393|2|3246|45|&msbpn_x=XO&msbpn__ftp_x=1&msrpn__ftp=Sullivan+County%2c+Tennessee%2c+USA&msrpn=2820&msrpn_PInfo=7-|1652393|2|3246|45|2820|&uidh=bu4&=b%2cr%2cy&pcat=35&fh=0&h=22593926&recoff=&qid=11b8f9ded7824b01879585f7182a7f64 1870 census: Benj Dulany Birth Year: abt 1858 Age in 1870: 12 Birthplace: Tennessee Home in 1870: District 5, Sullivan, Tennessee Rebecca Dulany 45 Louisa M Dulany 18 Joseph Dulany 16 Wm C Dulany 14 Benj Dulany 12 Malvina Dulany 55 Charles M Dulaney, Jr (1901 - ?): Name: Charlie M Dulany [Charlie M Dulaney] Age in 1910: 9 Estimated Birth Year: 1901 Birthplace: Tennessee Relation to Head of House: Son Father's name: Meggs C Dulany Father's Birth Place: Tennessee Mother's name: Petra Dulany Mother's Birth Place: Tennessee Home in 1910: Blountville, Sullivan, Tennessee Meggs C Dulany 39 Petra Dulany 35 Charlie M Dulany 9 Robert N Dulany 6 William D Dulany 4 Mary E Dulany 2 No Name Dulany 2/12 [0] Name: C. D. M. Dulaney [C. D. M. Dulaney/Delaney/Delano/Delany] Home in 1880: District 5, Sullivan, Tennessee Age: 11 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1869 Birthplace: Tennessee Relation to Head of Household: Son Father's name: N. T. Dulaney Father's birthplace: Tennessee Mother's name: Pauline Dulaney Mother's birthplace: Virginia N. T. Dulaney 46 Pauline Dulaney 39 E. A. Dulaney 21 Mary D. Dulaney 18 Laura L. Dulaney 16 C. D. M. Dulaney 11 N. T. Dulaney 9 O. W. Dulaney 7 J. E. Dulaney 5 Henry Dulaney 2 Benj. L. Dulaney 1m Mary C. Dulaney 73
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