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John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

Charles Redman Sink (12Feb1876 - 24Mar1948)

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Born: 12Feb1876 at Jackson Co., MO Father: Thomas Floyd Sink (18May1849 - 09May1941)
Died: 24Mar1948 in Lewis Co., ID Mother: Mary Amanda Shawhan (1856 - 1948)
Children: Ethel Irene Sink (13Aug1906 - 23Jun1972)
Gladys Louise Sink (05Sep1907 - 10Aug0198)
Floyd Thomas Sink (11Nov1908 - 01Feb1985)
Laurel Sink (Born circa 1910)
Everett Richard Sink (27Jun1911 - 28Dec1930)
Beatrice Lavell Sink (24Apr1913 - 20Aug2001)
Edna Mae Sink (05Jan1915 - 02Mar2001)
Geneva Georgia Sink (05Jul1916 - 02Aug2000)
Claud Charles Sink (19Jan1917 - 18Sep1975)
James Stanley Sink (29Nov1919 - 04Jan1981)
Ivan Sink (Restricted)
William Lyle Sink (Restricted)
Elva Marie Sink (Restricted)
Beulah Jean Sink (Restricted)
Siblings: George T. Sink (Born 1880)
William Richard Sink (Born 24Dec1882)
Troy Ellis Sink (13Jun1898 - 18Jan1954)
Hazel Sink (Born 1900)
Ernest Guy Sink (Born 1904)
Raymond Sink (09Sep1909 - 1963)
Donald Sink (Born 1913)
Married: Mae Rose Davidson on 23Sep1905 at Nez Perce, Lewis Co., MO
Census 1880: Clay, Lafayette Co., MO:Thomas 29, Mary 24, Charles R. 4, George T. 3/12
Census: 1900 Cottonwood, Idaho Co., ID:
Census 1910: Green Creek, Idaho Co., ID: Charles R. 29, May R. 21, Ethel 3, Gladys L. 2, Floyd T. 1-5/12, Laurel 3/12.
Census: 1920: Big Butte, Idaho Co., ID: Charlie R. 37, May 32, Ethel I. 13, Gladis L. 12, Floyd T. 11, Laura A. 9, Everett R. 8, Beatrice L. 7, Edna M. 5, Geneva 2-8/12 Claud C. 1-11/12, James S. 2/12.
Census: 1930 Kamiah, Lewis Co., ID: Charlie 49 Wd, Floyd T. 21, Everett R. 18, Beatrice L. 16, Edna M. 15, Geneva J. 13, Claude 12, James S. 10, William S. 5, Elva M. 2-11/12
Census: 1940 Kamiah, Lewis Co., ID: Charles 58, William 14, Elva 12
WWII Draft Card: Age 64, next of kin: Ethel Osborn of Lowell, Idaho (eldest child), description: 5' 7" tall, 130 lbs, blue eyes, gray hair, and ruddy complexion.
FAG#16537495. Buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery, Idaho Co., ID.
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