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Charles Thomas Osborne (Born 1870)

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Born: 1870 at Johnson Co., TN Father: Archibald F. Osborne Sr.(Born 1833)
Died: Mother: Zelphia Jane Stone (Born 1835)
Children: Wesley Osborne (Born 01Mar1897)
Virgie Osborne (Born 1899)
Bertie Osborne (Born 1899)
Gordon Osborne (Born 1904)
Randolph Osborne (Born 1908)
Roy Osborne (Born 1908)
Worley Samuel Osborne (01May1912 - 22Sep1980)
Effie C. Osborne (Born 1915)
E. Bulah Osborne (Born 1916)
Siblings: Martha A. Osborne (Born 1856)
Eliza J. Osborne (Born 1858)
Joseph K. Osborne (Born 1860)
Archibald F. Osborne Jr.(Born 1862)
Ulysses G. Osborne (Born 1866)
Laura M. Osborne (Born 1869)
Sarah E. Osborne (Born 1872)
Callie Margaret Osborne (22Apr1875 - 18Aug1953)
Married: Martha Armentia McMurray
Census Year Schedule Address Condition Age Profession Place of Birth pedigree view
1920 (USA) Scott Co., VA Fulkerston married 48 VA Arminta 46, Wesley 22, Vergie 20, Bertie 20, Gordon 16, Randolph 12, Roy 12, Worley 7, Effie 5, and Bulah 3-6/12.
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