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John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

James Etter (Born circa 1832)

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Born: circa 1832 Father: Jefferson Etter (Born 10Dec1803)
Died: Mother:
Children: Siblings: George Etter (Born circa 1833)
Emanuel Etter (Born circa 1837)
Barbara Etter (01Aug1837 - 24Oct1914)
Phebe Etter (Born circa 1839)
John Etter (Born circa 1841)
William Etter (Born circa 1843)
Mary Etter (Born circa 1845)
Harriet Etter (Born circa 1847)
Franklin Etter (Born circa 1848)
Joseph Etter (Born circa 1850)
yearnamebirthdayplacefather bornmother bornhomeaddressPOageracegender
1850James Etterabt 1832Subdivision 10, Greene, Tennessee, USA18WhiteMale
Household: Jefferson 46, Anna 44, James 18, George 17, Emanuel 13, Barbary 13, Phebe 11, John 9, William 7, Mary 5, Harriet 3, Franklin 2, Joseph 0
Attended School=Yes|Line Number=33|Dwelling Number=404|Family Number=404
1880Jack EtterAbt 1832VirginiaVirginiaVirginiaPrecinct 1, Hunt, Texas, USA48WhiteMale
Household: Jack 48, Margret 48, Alice 16, Stephen J. 14, James 11, Jefferson 74
Dwelling Number=104|Relation to Head of House=Self (Head)|Marital Status=Married|Occupation=Farmer
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