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Johann Heinrich Peter Reuning (Born 1839)

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Born: 1839 at Nidda, Hessen, Germany Father:
Died: Mother:
Children: Henry or Heinrich Reuning (Born 23May1863)
Ernst or Ernest John Reuning (03Mar1869 - 14Aug1926)
LDS info for Johann Heinrich Peter Reuning
Name Johann Heinrich Peter Reuning b.Nidda, Hessen, Germany
Birthplace Nidda, Hessen, Germany
Wife Anna Katharina Tschanz b.Ausserbirrmooss, Bern, Swiss
Son Heinrich Reuning

Info from son Henry's 1920 CensusWellsville, Allegany, New York
Henry Reuning 56 Catherine Reuning 50 George W Reuning 24 Walter A Reuning 17 Carl E Reuning 12
Place of birth-> Father:Germany Mother:Switzerland
Mother tongue for Henry & aprents is German
Info from son Henry's 1921 passport app
1921 U.S. Passport Application wife Katharina will accompany him
Name: Henry Renning
Birth Date: 23 May 1863
Birth Place: Switzerland
Age: 57
Passport Issue Date: 8 Mar 1921
Passport Includes a Photo: Yes
Residence: Wellsville, New York
Father Name: John Henry Renning
Father's Birth Location: Germany
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