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Born: 1778 at Montgomery Cty VA Father: Daniel Etter (27Apr1750 - 05Sep1803)
Died: 18Oct1855 Mother: ?? Mary Magdalen Unk (before 1760 - after 1830)
Children: Jefferson Etter (Born 10Dec1803)
Frederick W Etter (Born 1805)
William Etter (Born 21Apr1806)
Anna Etter (Born circa 14Jul1816)
Ari Maria (Born 1820)
Joseph Miller Etter (Born 08Aug1821)
Sarah Etter (05Jun1824 - 09Mar1916)
Siblings: Catharine Etter (Born circa 1772)
Peter Etter (Born circa 1774)
Mary Etter (Born circa 1776)
Samuel Etter (Born circa 1780)
Henry Etter (Born 25Aug1783)
Elizabeth Etter (Born 16Aug1785)
Margaret Rebecca Etter (Born 20Feb1787)
Daniel Etter (Born 28Sep1791)
Christena Etter (Born circa 1793)
Rachel Etter (Born circa 1795)
William Henry Etter (Born 05May1800)
Married: Phoebe Michiel on 08Mar1803 at Wythe Cty VA
First Families of Wythe County,
Peter Etter, Sr. Mary Kegley’s book Early Adventures on the Western Waters, vol 5, pg 253-4 Peter (& Daniel) was son of Gerhardt Etter & Catherine Bang Gerhardt Etter & Catherine Bang had children, Daniel, Peter, John & Anna Maria that moved to Wythe Cnty
Daniel b.1750 had son John b.1778 who married Phoebe Michael John later moved to Greene Cnty TN

21May2017 Just was at Whythe Genealogical Soc ofc & they have misister return for John & Phoebe's marriage
info from Sara's spreadsheet John Etter (1st wife = Mary Rader)
see pdf pg 80 at
excerpt from book: Anna Hamaker married John Etter who was of a family well represented in Lancaster County. They still lived there in 1793. By now Anna was 50 years old.
Ann2, md. John Etter of Lancaster Co., Pa. Was she the "Anne Marie" b. 19 Dec 1743 and bpt. 12 Feb 1744 - sp.: Jean Kraft and wife Anne Marie, at Lancaster Moravian Church?

VA marriage to Phoebe Michael in 1803

VA marriage to Phoebe Michael in 1803 Wythe Cnty

Find A Grave indicates birth in Montgomery Cnty VA. Has other info.
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John Rader and Mary Etter were married in Wythe County, Virginia on December 17, 1793. See the "Annals of Southwest Virginia" by Summers, page 1377. John Rader moved from Wythe County, Virginia to Greene County, Tennessee prior to 1801 according to a land deed for the purchase of 200 acres from Thomas Province located in Greene County (Greene County Deed Book volumn 24, page 186 dated September 22, 1801).

1850 Census Subdivision 10, Greene, Tennessee, USA
William Bible b.TN 36, Anna Bible b.TN 35, Alexander Bible b.TN 13, James Bible b.TN 10, John Etter b.VA 72, Phebe Etter b.Germany 71

It looks as if both John & Phoebe died between 1850 & 1860. Anna & Husband are in KY in 1860 census & no mention of Mom or Dad.
1840 Census
1830 Census Greene
1830 Census Wythe
John Sr 1820 Census Evensham VA
John 1820 Census Evensham VA
John 1 1810 Census Wythe
John 2 1810 Census Wythe
John 3 1810 Census Wythe
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