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John Francis Keebler (21Apr1821 - 18Jun1899)

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Born: 21Apr1821 at TN Father: Jacob Keebler III(1792 - 1877)
Died: 18Jun1899 Mother:
Children: Joseph Keebler (Born 1844)
Mary A Keebler (Born 1846)
Granville J Keebler (Born 1848)
Samuel M Keebler (Born 1850)
Louise Jane Keebler (22Feb1855 - 02Sep1942)
Married: Sarah Etter on 16Feb1842
New source: Etter Family History, Unknown Author, located at WCGHA, Wytheville, VA [FR 14Dec2017]
info from Sara's spreadsheet
1850 census Division 9, Greene, Tennessee
John B Kibler 29 Sarah Kibler 27 Joseph F Kibler 6 Mary A Kibler 4 Granville J Kibler 2 Samuel M Kibler 0
1860 census District 6, Greene, Tennessee
John Kibler 37 Sarah Kibler 34 Joseph Kibler 16 Mary A Kibler 14 Granville Kibler 11 Samuel Kibler 9 Martha A Kibler 7 Louisa Kibler 4 Catharine Mills 27
1870 census District 19, Greene, Tennessee
John Keebler 48 Sarah Keebler 46 Samuel M Keebler 19 Martha E Keebler 17 Louisa J Keebler 15 John Davis 35 Mary J White 25
1880 census District 19, Greene, Tennessee
John Keebler 58 Sarah Keebler 56 Mattie Keebler 27

Index to Will Book 3 1897 - 1911 Greene County, Tennessee

Buried with Sarah at Midway Pres Church, Greene Cty TN
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