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John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

John W. Vaughan (21Dec1792 - 16Apr1876)

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Born: 21Dec1792 at Grayson Co., VA Father: Jesse Vaughan (1767 - 18May1839)
Died: 16Apr1876 in Carroll Co., VA Mother: Frances Jones (17Mar1769 - 09Mar1854)
Children: Lorenzo Dow Vaughan (17Apr1816 - 04Jan1893)
Nathaniel W. Vaughan (Born 21Feb1818)
Elisha B. Vaughan (07Sep1819 - 26Apr1882)
Nancy J. Vaughan (Born 17Jun1821)
Kennerly G. Vaughan (Born 03Apr1823)
Ollie J. Vaughan (18Oct1824 - 28Apr1857)
John Wesley Vaughan (14Aug1827 - 11Mar1856)
Mary Jane Vaughan (18Dec1830 - 26Feb1920)
Siblings: Nathaniel Vaughan (06Oct1789 - 13Jul1883)
Elizabeth Vaughan (Born 1794)
Abner Vaughan (1796 - 17Oct1844)
Frances Vaughan (1802 - 16Dec1875)
Mary Vaughan (Born 1805)
Dennis Vaughan (03Nov1807 - 16Jun1900)
Married: Ruth Hanks on 12Jun1815 at Grayson Co., VA
Buried in the Vaughan Cemetery of Route 52, 200 yards south of Route 740 intersection. He served in the War of 1812 under Capt Heuls, 4th Regt. He was a clergyman of the Methodist Church and performed many weddings throughout Carroll Co., VA. He was also one of the original justices of the Carroll County Court.
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