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Julia Voegeli (Born Jan1880)

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Born: Jan1880 at Switzerland Father: Johann Voegeli (Born 0000)
Died: Mother: Barbara Walti
Children: Eldon W Bellinger (Born 1907)
Siblings: Sophie Voegeli
Anna Voegeli (Born circa Feb1871)
Ida or Eda Voegeli (29Aug1873 - 15Feb1967)
Immigrated to US in 1899 per 1910 census living in Idaho
Immigrated to US in 1880 per 1920 census living in Idaho
Immigrated to US in 1898 per 1930 census living in Idaho

I'm not sure this is rite Julia???
New York, Passenger Lists Name: Julia Voegeli Arrival Date: 6 Jul 1896 Birth Date: abt 1873 Age: 23 Gender: Female Port of Departure: Southampton Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Normannia

1900 census Wellsville, Allegany, New York Ernest Runing 31 Julie [FR: Ida's sister] Runing 20 Hilda Runing 3 Ellen Runing 2 Margaret Runing 11/12 Edeth Kaiser 26 Sophie Kaiser 24
1910 census Wallace Ward 3, Shoshone, Idaho
James Ballinger 36 Julia Ballinger 29 Eldon Ballinger 3
Married 8 yrs. 1 child. Husband born in NY per 1910 census

1920 census Wallace, Shoshone, Idaho
J M Bellinger 44 Julia Bellinger 35 Eldon Bellinger 12 Glenn Bellinger 9 Mary Ether 62

1930 census Spokane, Spokane, Washington
Julia Bellinger 46 Eldon Bellinger 23 Mildred Bellinger 19

Can't find Julia in 1940. Since she was with son & family in 1930 & husband dead, I assume she has died by 1940
1940 census Wallace, Shoshone, Idaho
E W Bellinger 33 Mildred Bellinger 28 James Bellinger 6

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