Stone Genealogy

John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

Martha Susan Meek (08Dec1853 - 29Apr1921)

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Born: 08Dec1853 at St Clair Tazewell Virginia Father: Stephen Anderson Meek (Born 0000)
Died: 29Apr1921 in Wytheville, Va Mother: Lydia Tilson
Children: Laura Elizabeth Stone (24Nov1872 - 12Feb1873)
Lydia Ella Stone (29Dec1873 - Jul1947)
Samuel Hall Stone (11Jan1876 - 09Mar1889)
Ausker Meek Stone (05Dec1878 - 30Nov1934)
William Connelly Stone (Born 03Oct1880)
Lucy Lunday Stone (11Jan1882 - 27Jan1952)
Lockie Flowers Stone (04Apr1883 - 14Mar1958)
Charles Emit Stone (14Oct1884 - 26Oct1899)
Stephen A Stone (12Jan1886 - 07Apr1905)
Mattie Virginia Stone (Born 16Feb1887)
Gaylord Joseph Stone (04Jan1889 - 14Jan1952)
Albina Fitzillian Stone (Born 20Aug1890)
Lorena Stone (Born Jul1891)
Mary Gold Stone (26Jul1891 - 1905)
Winnie Wentworth Stone (16Jul1894 - 07Oct1975)
Alma Gertrude Stone (24Aug1895 - 24Sep1895)
Herbert Given Stone (25Sep1896 - Oct1976)
Myra W Stone (Born Feb1899)
Harriett Katharine Stone (20Jul1914 - 28Sep1995)
Married: Ausker Friel Stone on 19Dec1871 at Smyth, Virginia
Burial - East End Cemetery, Wytheville, VA
Death Cert
Census Year Schedule Address Condition Age Profession Place of Birth pedigree view
1870 (USA) 1. Marion Township Smyth, Va unmarried 15 attending school Virginia
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