Stone Genealogy

John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

Mary Frances Primm (05Jul1838 - 13Mar1916)

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Born: 05Jul1838 at Wythe Co., VA Father: James Primm (1815 - 19Oct1879)
Died: 13Mar1916 in Shorts Creek, Carroll Co., VA Mother: Benetor Allen (Born 1816)
Children: Mary Mariah Gallimore (Born 14Oct1853)
Sarah Ann Elizabeth Gallimore (Born 1855)
Jessiah Little Gallimore (19Mar1856 - 1942)
Riley Emerson Gallimore (16Jan1859 - 29Dec1932)
Laura Alice Gallimore (1860 - 07Sep1888)
Burgess Gallimore (1861 - 16Dec1903)
David Wilburn Gallimore (07Apr1865 - 11Nov1941)
Minnie Gallimore (28Feb1866 - May1944)
Emma Ceska Gallimore (10Jun1868 - 1946)
John Sidney Noble Gallimore (Born 05Oct1869)
James Robert Gallimore (02Feb1871 - Jul1941)
William Colfax Gallimore (15Nov1872 - 11Mar1943)
Ernest Wilson Gallimore (05May1877 - 03Feb1938)
Siblings: John Morgan Prim Sr.(May1834 - 10Sep1914)
Joseph C. Prim (31Jan1836 - 28Apr1899)
David F. Primm (1839 - 16May1864)
James Henderson Primm (22Oct1840 - 25Aug1853)
Lucetta Jane Primm (03Apr1842 - 22Aug1915)
William K. Primm (18Jan1844 - 28Jan1917)
Virginia Ann Primm (19Jul1846 - 15Mar1917)
Elizabeth Susan Primm (19Jul1846 - 1911)
Moses Holmes Primm (Nov1850 - 02Sep1903)
Sarah Primm (Born 1852)
Jemima Primm (09Aug1854 - 04Aug1926)
Hannah Frances Prim (Born 09Aug1854)
Eugenia K. Primm (Born Nov1858)
Married: Wilson Riley Gallimore on 15Aug1852 at Surry Co., NC
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