Stone Genealogy

John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

Reuben Stone (circa 1755 - circa 09Feb1849)

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Born: circa 1755 at Prince William Co. VA Father: John Stone (circa 1727 - circa 1800)
Died: circa 09Feb1849 in New Market, AL Mother: Mildredge (Milley) Corder (circa 1730 - circa 1814)
Children: Siblings: John Stone Jr(Born circa 1750)
William Stone (Born circa 1753)
Raughley (Rolley) Stone (circa 1765 - circa 1821)
Elias (Elum) Stone (circa 1767 - circa 1824)
Lewis Stone (circa 1769 - circa 1830)
Nansey Stone (Born circa 1771)
Info from pg 32
Reuben was later married in about 1777/1778, probably in Ninety-Six District, South Carolina, to a woman named Priscilla Fowler.
Reuben and his family moved from South Carolina to the newly formed Madison County, Alabama in 1808.
Known and enumerated issue: (Surname Stone)
135. John --------- b. in Ninety-Six District, SC.
136. Joel ---------- b. calc. 1783 in Ninety-Six District, SC. m. (unknown) in AL.
137. Jesse ------- b. 6 March 1787 in Laurens Co., SC. m. 6 July 1812 to Winney Mapp (aka) Jourdan in Madison Co., AL. d. 27 August 1862 in Madison Co., AL.
138. (female) ----- b. (1774-1790) in Laurens Co., SC.
139. (female) ----- b. (1790-1800) in Laurens Co., SC.
140. Mary --------- b. 4 November 1797 in Laurens Co., SC. “Polly” m. 14 August 1815 to Richard Mitchell in Madison Co., AL.
141. Reuben ----- b. calc. 1800 in Laurens Co., SC. m. Mary (MNU) in AL.

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