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John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

Samuel Stone (26Nov1839 - 29Jan1923)

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Born: 26Nov1839 at Grayson Co Va Father: William Stone Jr.(25Mar1810 - 19Apr1879)
Died: 29Jan1923 in Pulaski, Va Mother: Louisa Lundy (1817 - 1860)
Children: Guy Stone (21Mar1867 - 10Jun1921)
Sam Stone Jr(1869 - 01Sep1933)
Joe Stone (Born 02Feb1872)
Margaret Stone (13Feb1874 - 15Aug1966)
May Stone (23Mar1876 - 30Nov1966)
John Cunningham Stone (03Jul1878 - 05Oct1938)
George McCrary Stone (27Jun1880 - 03May1945)
Grover Cleveland Stone (12Aug1883 - 09Jul1966)
Frank Folsom Stone (22Jun1886 - 20Jan1952)
Siblings: William Riley Stone Sr(31Dec1837 - 20Apr1917)
Columbus Stone (1842 - 01Jan1912)
Amanda Stone (1844 - 11Sep1887)
Ausker Friel Stone (Sep1850 - 1931)
John Warren Stone (05Mar1865 - 22Nov1933)
Martha A Stone (Born 1866)
Elizabeth Stone (Born 1869)
William Stephen Stone (Born 18Jul1871)
Robert William Stone (Born 1876)
Married: Elizabeth McCrary on 06Dec1865 at Wythe Cty Va
In the photograph of Sam and sons, Sam Sr., of course is front & center, back row, 1st from left, standing is George McCrary, back row 3rd from the left, standing is my Grandfather John Cunningham. To the right of him - seated is Grover Cleveland and standing is Frank Folsom. Of these I am positive. Based on the identification provided on the photo of the entire family the others are as follows: Guy, 2nd from the left, 1/2 seated, seated is Joe, Sam, Jr. is on the back row, 2nd from the left, standing/leaning on his father's chair.
On the back of the photo of Sam Sr and the entire family it states it was taken at Christmas in 1900, Columbia, South Carolina. The photo identifies them as follows: Back two rows, left to right:George McCrary Stone (son), Frank Folsom Stone (son), Mrs Guy Stone (Mattie), Guy Stone (son), Pauline Stone (girl in front of Mattie, her mother), George Cheves Stone(between Guy and John C., husband of Margaret Stone), John Cunningham Stone (son), Mrs Sam Stone Jr (Ethel), Grover Cleveland Stone (son), Mrs Joe Stone (Lizzie), May Stone (daughter), Margaret Stone Cheves (daughter), Joe Stone (son), Sam Stone Jr (son). On the front row beginning with the small boy standing to Sam Sr's left: Sammy Stone (son of Sam Jr and Ethel), Roswell Cheves (baby held by Sam Sr, son of Margaret Stone and George Cheves), Sam Sr (Grandpa Stone), Eleanore Stone (daughter of Guy and Mattie Stone), Frankie Stone (son of Sam Jr and Ethel), Elizabeth McCrary Stone (Grandma Stone), Josephine Stone (daughter of Joe and Lizzie Stone), the dark blur at the bottom of the photo is the family dog.
Census:1850 District 19, Grayson, Virginia, USA William Stone 40 Louisa Stone 32 Riley Stone 12 Samuel Stone 10 Columbus Stone 8 Amanda Stone 6

Census:1870 District 4, Sullivan, Tennessee Post Office: Union Depot Samuel Mccrary 56 Lydia Mccrary 49 George Mccrary 30 John Mccrary 21 James Mccrary 18 Lucy Mccrary 16 Samuel Mccrary 14 Harriet Mccrary 11 Samuel Stone 30 Elizabeth Stone 27 Guy Stone 3 Samuel Stone 1
Census: 1880 District 2, Sullivan, Tennessee Samuel Stone 40 Lizzie Stone 37 Guy Stone 13 Samuel Stone 11 Joseph Stone 8 Maggie Stone 6 Mary Stone 4 John Stone 2

Burial:1923 Oakwood Cemetary, Va
yearnamebirthdayplacefather bornmother bornhomeaddressPOageracegender
1850VAGrayson County, VA.10
Schedule= 1, District 19
Sam Stone Sr and sons

Tombstone - Sam Stone Sr.
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Death Announcement
New Orleans Times Picayune
New Orleans
Sam Stone Sr
New Orleans
Sam Stone Sr - wife, sons, daughters, their spouses, grandchildren
Sam Stone Sr & family
Sam Stone Sr - wife, sons, daughters, their spouses, grandchildren
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