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John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

Sarah Etter (05Jun1824 - 09Mar1916)

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Born: 05Jun1824 at TN Father: John Etter (1778 - 18Oct1855)
Died: 09Mar1916 in buried in Midway, TN Mother: Phoebe Michiel (1779 - 12May1861)
Children: Joseph Keebler (Born 1844)
Mary A Keebler (Born 1846)
Granville J Keebler (Born 1848)
Samuel M Keebler (Born 1850)
Louise Jane Keebler (22Feb1855 - 02Sep1942)
Siblings: Jefferson Etter (Born 10Dec1803)
Frederick W Etter (Born 1805)
William Etter (Born 21Apr1806)
Anna Etter (Born circa 14Jul1816)
Ari Maria (Born 1820)
Joseph Miller Etter (Born 08Aug1821)
Married: John Francis Keebler on 16Feb1842
New source: Etter Family History, Unknown Author, located at WCGHA, Wytheville, VA [FR 14Dec2017] info from Sara's spreadsheet
info from Sara's spreadsheet unless otherwise noted [FR 22Aug2017]

I will In Memory newspaper article that has much info]
birth month from 1900 census
John Kibler married Sarah Etter Feb 16, 1843* Greene Cnty TN from TN marriage rcds
* "In Memory" newspaper article in Nannie's Scrapbook (in June's possession) says John Keebler, married Feb 16, 1842 [FR 22Aug2017 I will scan article] Sarah's father born in VA & mother in Germany per 1880 census. See 1900 & 1910 census below for laughs.
1850 census Division 9, Greene, Tennessee
John B Kibler 29 Sarah Kibler 27 Joseph F Kibler 6 Mary A Kibler 4 Granville J Kibler 2 Samuel M Kibler 0
1860 census District 6, Greene, Tennessee
John Kibler 37 Sarah Kibler 34 Joseph Kibler 16 Mary A Kibler 14 Granville Kibler 11 Samuel Kibler 9 Martha A Kibler 7 Louisa Kibler 4 Catharine Mills 27
1870 census District 19, Greene, Tennessee
John Keebler 48 Sarah Keebler 46 Samuel M Keebler 19 Martha E Keebler 17 Louisa J Keebler 15 John Davis 35 Mary J White 25
1880 census District 19, Greene, Tennessee
John Keebler 58 Sarah Keebler 56 Mattie Keebler 27
Sarah's father born in VA, her mother in Germany
1900 census Greenville, Greene, Tennessee
James Armitage 49 Louise J Armitage 45 Orgie C Armitage 23 Albert K Armitage 8 James E Armitage 3 Sarah Keebler 75 Bertie Hilton 21
Sarah's father & mother both born in TN :(
1910 census Greeneville Ward 2, Greene, Tennessee
James Armitage 60 Louise Armitage 55 Carl Armitage 32 Roy Armitage 30 Keebler Armitage 18 Eugene Armitage 13 Sarah Keebler 85
Sarah's father & mother both born in Germany :( Don't ya just love census info!

Buried with Sarah at Midway Pres Church, Greene Cty TN
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