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John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

Sybyle Gallimore (27Feb1905 - 30May1965)

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Born: 27Feb1905 Father: David Wilburn Gallimore (07Apr1865 - 11Nov1941)
Died: 30May1965 in Pulaski, Pulaski Co., VA Mother: Letitia Ann McGee (1867 - 1934)
Children: Siblings: Blaine Chester Gallimore Sr.(26May1884 - 30Nov1946)
Lulu Gallimore (03Oct1886 - 19Nov1953)
Burgess Elmer Gallimore (05May1888 - 21Dec1926)
McKinley Carnegie Gallimore Sr.(05Nov1891 - 27Aug1949)
Helen Gallimore (02Jun1896 - 18Aug1990)
Ollie Hugoline Gallimore (14Sep1899 - 26Apr1962)
Rita P. Gallimore (03Jan1902 - 03Apr1992)
Delmas Gallimore (08Jun1907 - 29Apr2001)
Evelyn Nesbit Gallimore (Born 10Jul1908)
Mabel Marguerite Gallimore (06Dec1909 - 17Jun1998)
Oakwood Cemetery, Pulaski, VA
Sybyle Gallimore
Oakwood Cemetery, Pulaski, VA
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