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John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

William Harrison Burton (Born 1841)

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Born: 1841 at North Carolina Father: Wiliam Burton (Born 0000)
Died: Indian Valley, Floyd NC Mother: Judith F Penick
Children: James Pogue Burton (Born Jul1862)
William Sherman Burton (17Dec1864 - 11Oct1904)
David Ingle Burton (Born 14Dec1866)
Ernest Jerome Burton (Born 09Aug1868)
George Washington Burton (Born 1870)
DeWitt Burton (Born Feb1872)
Cologna L Burton (29Mar1873 - Dec1968)
Riley L Burton (Born 1875)
Mary Louise Burton (Born Jan1877)
Walter C Burton (Born 1878)
Leta Elizabeth Burton (Born Mar1880)
Oscar Burton (Born 1883)
Arthur Burton (Born 1884)
Married: Amanda Stone on 11Aug1862 at Surry Co NC
Census:1880 Indian Valley, Floyd, Virginia, William Burton 39 Amanda F. Burton 35 James P. Burton 16 William S. Burton 15 David I. Burton 13 Earnest J. Burton 11 George W. Burton 9 Dewitt Burton 8 Calana Burton 7 Riley L. Burton 5 Mary L. Burton 3 Lettia E. Burton 1
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