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John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

William Stone (Born 1829)

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Born: 1829 at Va Father: Franklin Stone (26May1805 - 1880)
Died: Mother: Sarah (Sally) Williams (Born 1808)
Children: Harry Lee Stone (05Jan1855 - 02Aug1938)
no name Stone (Born 06Oct1857)
Craig Stone (Born 1858)
Poage Stone (25Oct1860 - 07Feb1938)
Siblings: Elizabeth Stone (Born 1834)
Francis Marion Stone (03May1834 - 13Jun1863)
Lucinda Stone (Born 1836)
Jane Stone (Born 1838)
Elvira Stone (15Nov1841 - 18Jul1902)
Luzenia Stone (Born 1844)
Harriet Rachel Stone (Born 1846)
Matilda A Stone (Born 1848)
Henry B Stone (Born 1850)
Married: Cynthia Wilson on 13Apr1853 at Pulaski County
Census:1860 Pulaski Cty Va: I think census taker jumped to conclusion & put this William as Jr but he was really the son of Franklin. William, brother of Franklin lived right beside them and census taker put him down as Sr, when really he was a Jr!
Occupation:1860 Carpenter
census 1860 William b.1829 Western District, Pulaski, Virginia, Post Office: Newbern, William Stone 30 Cynthia Stone 26 Lee Stone 5 Craig Stone 2
census 1860 William b.1810 Western District, Pulaski, Virginia, Post Office: Newbern, William Stone 50 Louisa Stone 42 Riley Stone 22 Oscar Stone 9 Amanda Stone 15

census 1870 Newbern, Pulaski, VA: William Stone 41 Sarah J Stone 33 Mary S Reede 13 Craig Stone 13
Pulaski Cnty Births 1853-1871 had two births, no name, born to Cynthia & William on 06Oct1857 & 25Oct1860. Wm delivered both. He was a carpenter in 1857 & farmer in 1860. I did not see Lee or Craig ??? [FR 26Aug2010]
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