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Samuel McCrary (17Aug1815 - 31Aug1878)

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Born: 17Aug1815 at TN Father:
Died: 31Aug1878 Mother:
Children: Elizabeth McCrary (27Oct1842 - 03Mar1915)
Sarah Katherine McCrary (01Dec1844 - 13Jan1889)
Married: Lydia Lewis
Burial at
Beeler Cemetery, Sullivan Cty Tenn
1850 census Subdivision 30, Sullivan, Tennessee Saml Mccrary 33 Lydia Mccrary 29 George Mccrary 10 Elizabeth Mccrary 7 Sarah Mccrary 5 Margaret Mccrary 3 Jno Mccrary 1
xxx Tennessee Confederate Application
Name: Samuel W. McCrary
Unit Served: 63rd Infantry
State Served: TN
Application Type: Soldier
Application Numbers: S7704
Application Location: Hamblen, TN

Census:1860 Tennessee > Sullivan > District 1 > 6 Holston Valley Post Office (It took FOREVER for me to refind this!!!)
Saml Mccray 44 Lydia Mccray 38 George Mccray 19 Elizabeth Mccray 17 Sarah Mccray 15 Margaret Mccray 13 John Mccray 11 Jane Mccray 9 Lucy Mccray 7 Samuel Mccray 5 Hariet Mccray 8/12
Census:1870 District 4, Sullivan, Tennessee
Samuel Mccrary 56 Lydia Mccrary 49 George Mccrary 30 John Mccrary 21 James Mccrary 18 Lucy Mccrary 16 Samuel Mccrary 14 Harriet Mccrary 11 Samuel Stone 30 Elizabeth Stone 27 Guy Stone 3 Samuel Stone 1
1880 census District 2, Sullivan, Tennessee
George Mcrery 39 Mary H. Mcrery 28 Lucy H. Mcrery 7 Samuel Mcrery 4
Info found in Bristol Library by Fritz Jul2010: Business firm McCrary Brothers organized in 1885 by James & Samuel McCrary. James located in Suillivan cnty in 1879. Picture of their 'factory' in article. In manilla folder titled "Bristol Industry - McCrary Brothers".

Samuel McCrary, Beeler
McCrary Tombstone, Beeler, 2005
McCrary Tomb, Beeler, 2005
McCrary Tombstone, Beeler, 2005
Census Year Schedule Address Condition Age Profession Place of Birth pedigree view
1850 (USA) 3, Subdivision 30 Sullivan Cnty TN married 35 Moulder TN 13Nov1850
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