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John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

Frank Folsom Stone (22Jun1886 - 20Jan1952)

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Born: 22Jun1886 at Bristol Tenn Father: Samuel Stone (26Nov1839 - 29Jan1923)
Died: 20Jan1952 in Roanoke Va Mother: Elizabeth McCrary (27Oct1842 - 03Mar1915)
Children: Mary Elizabeth Stone (Born 1918)
Siblings: Guy Stone (21Mar1867 - 10Jun1921)
Sam Stone Jr(1869 - 01Sep1933)
Joe Stone (Born 02Feb1872)
Margaret Stone (13Feb1874 - 15Aug1966)
May Stone (23Mar1876 - 30Nov1966)
John Cunningham Stone (03Jul1878 - 05Oct1938)
George McCrary Stone (27Jun1880 - 03May1945)
Grover Cleveland Stone (12Aug1883 - 09Jul1966)
Married: Gillie Wilson on 03Apr1912 at Pulaski Co, Va
Census:1930 Roanoke Va
Burial:1952 Oakwood Cemetery, Va

Tombstone - Frank Folsom Stone

Frank Folsom Stone
Census Year Schedule Address Condition Age Profession Place of Birth pedigree view
1910 (USA) Manhatten, Ward 12 New York, New York unmarried 23 Architect Tennessee
1920 (USA) Ward 1, District 63 Pulaski, Virginia married 33 designing houses Tennessee Listed with Gillie's widowed mother. Next door is his sister Margaret & George Cheves, Sam Sr. resides with Margaret
1930 (USA) Big Lick, District 2 Roanoke, VA married 43 Architect, building Tennessee Mother in law, Mary D Wilson, living with them.
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