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Frank Otto Alin (18Sep1869 - 18Apr1963)

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Born: 18Sep1869 at Kattilstad, Sweden Father: Samuel Persson (09Apr1815 - 20Feb1890)
Died: 18Apr1963 in Oaks, Dickey Co., ND Mother: Lovisa Jonsdotter
Children: Mabel Louise Alin (04Sep1904 - 25Apr1964)
Alice Elvira Alin (Born 1907)
Agnes Victoria Alin (14Sep1911 - 12Jan2006)
Siblings: Sara Mathilda Samuelsdotter (20Jan1848 - 28Jul1937)
Carl Gustaf Samuelsson (Born 23Sep1850)
Emma Christina Samuelsdotter (Born 28Jul1853)
Samuel Peter Alin (Born 05Aug1856)
Maria Sophia Samuelsdotter (Born 24Sep1859)
Alexander Alin (04Nov1862 - 20Aug1948)
Johan Erik Alin (Born 20Feb1866)
Married: Astrid Barbara Barsten on 26Apr1904 at Fullerton, Dickey Co., ND
Franks birth name was Frans Otto Samuelsson. Frans and all of his brothers who came to the USA changed their surname to Alin.
Family photo below: 3rd row l-r: Adolf Huff, Mary Alin Huff, Lawrence Hanson, Alice Alin Hanson. 2nd row l-r: Mabel Alin, Astrid Barsten Alin, Frank Alin, Agnes Alin Gallimore, Linda Gallimore. Front row l-r: Barry Gallimore and Gary Gallimore.
Fullerton, North Dakota
Frank Alin
Fullerton, North Dakota

Frank and Astrid Alin Family
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