Stone Genealogy

John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

Elbert Lee Nuckolls Jr(02Oct1905 - 31Aug1970)

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Born: 02Oct1905 at Fayettville, West Virginia Father: Elbert Lee Nuckolls Sr(1868 - Aug1936)
Died: 31Aug1970 in Los Angeles County, California Mother: Berta B. Thornton (01Sep1870 - 03Nov1946)
Children: Thelma Ann Nuckolls
Ellen Lee Nuckolls (Restricted)
Elbert Thornton Nuckolls (Restricted)
Thomas Stone Nuckolls (Restricted)
Ruby Jane Nuckolls (Restricted)
William Morford Nuckolls (Restricted)
Anthony David Nuckolls (Restricted)
Ruth Berta Nuckolls (Restricted)
Siblings: Jessie Nuckolls (10May1896 - 02Nov1974)
Thomas W Nuckolls (02Feb1899 - 07Apr1899)
Married: Thelma Ann Withrow on 1927 at Kentucky
He almost died when an infant but survived the pneumonia. Thanks to Thelma for providing this info.
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