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John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

John Stone (1750 - 1827)

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Born: 1750 at Guilford County, NC Father:
Died: 1827 in Chatham County, NC Mother:
Children: John Stone
William Stone (25Aug1772 - Mar1856)
Polly Susannah Stone (1777 - 30May1809)
Married: Mary (Polly) Russell on 1771 at Guilford Co NC
1790 United States Federal Census
CENSUS YEAR:1790 STATE:NC ( Interesting desc starting at Page 1
John Stones on pgs: 55,60,155,179,184,190 pg155 is Guilford
Name: John Stone County: Guilford State: North Carolina
Number of Free White Males Under 16: 1 Number of Free White Males 16 and Over: 1 Number of Free White Females: 2 Number of Household Members: 4
PG#-LN=506-47, 1 male < 16, 1 male >= 16, 2 females (William was 17 in 1790 if census before Aug - if anybody can tell me when the census occurred in 1790, please let me know - FR 08Aug2010)
DAR web site has supporting documentation of William and Polly Susannah being children of John.
The site also indicates John was in MCREE'S CO, NC REGT. Note that McRee was at the Siege of Charleston.

Interesting 1800 census rcd: Guilford, Salisbury District, Free White Males 16 to 25:1, Free White Males 45 and Over:1, Free White Females 16 to 25:1
In 1800, John(son)age?, William was 28, John(father) was 50, Polly Susannah was 23, Mary Polly was 47
Polly Susannah m. Patrick Sprint on 25Feb1796 at Frederick Cty Va, so it's doubtful she's the 16-25 female.
I think we can chalk this up as the wrong family.

At the bottom of pg 32 in Stone Connections by Robert H Stone c.1987: "Another family that probably belongs in this area of our series of charts is John Stone b. 1750 in Guilford County, NC He married Polly Russell in 1771, and died in 1827 Chatham County, NC His children were William Stone b. 1772 who married Rachel….; John Stone; and Polly Stone b.1777 who married Patrick Sprint."
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Descendants of John Stone Descendants of John Stone 1750-1827 by Sandy Davis Mar2008
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