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John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

William Stone (25Aug1772 - Mar1856)

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Born: 25Aug1772 at Guilford Co NC Father: John Stone (1750 - 1827)
Died: Mar1856 in Pulaski Co, Va Mother: Mary (Polly) Russell (1753 - 1820)
Children: Joel Stone (04Apr1796 - circa 1870)
James Stone (04Feb1798 - 14Mar1882)
John Stone (17Feb1800 - 31Jan1867)
Franklin Stone (26May1805 - 1880)
William Stone Jr.(25Mar1810 - 19Apr1879)
Daniel Keith Stone (29Jul1812 - 10May1902)
Polly Stone (Born 14May1815)
Hardy J Stone (28Nov1817 - 27Jan1881)
Nancy Stone (Born 17Nov1820)
Siblings: John Stone
Polly Susannah Stone (1777 - 30May1809)
Married: Rachel Morton on 22Jan1795
William's Bible has marriage dates as well as birth dates of entire family.
CENSUS YEAR:1790 STATE:NC ( Interesting desc starting at Page 1
John Stones on pgs: 55,60,155,179,184,190 pg155 is Guilford
1 male < 16, 1 male >= 16, 2 females (William was 18 in 1790)
Son John 17Feb1800 at NC implies William was in NC in Feb 1800.
Son Franklin born 26May1805 at Grayson Co Va implies William was in VA in May 1805.
Son Hardy born Nov 1817 in VA implies William was in VA in Nov 1817.
Census:1820 Grayson Co Va

From book: Carroll 1765-1815 The Settlements, by John Perry Alderman.

Deed Book (D.B.) 2-340:13 Apr 1807. John Sr. and Mary Simcock of Grayson to: $153. William Stone of Grayson 50 acres on Chestnut Creek (ref: D.B. 2-113)

D.B. 3-112:15 Sep 1812. William and Rachel Stone of Grayson to: $110. Nathaniel Vaughn of Grayson 50 acres on Chestnut Creek, adj. James Cole (ref: D.B. 2-340)

D.B. 3-136:26 Apr 1813. John Blair to: 100 lbs William Stone 133 acres on Chestnut Creek, part of the Clonch place whereon James Turner lives (ref: Mont D.B.# B-30; see also W.B. 1-41)

1815 Personal Property Tax List. Feb 28 William Stone (a hamerman) taxed for two white males over 16, two horses, asses, mules, mares and colts, and four head of cattle. Tax: $0.54

From: SW Virginia Tax Assessments, 1815, compiled by Mary B. Kegley.

1815 Real Estate Tax Assessment. William Stone Sr. one farm on Chestnut Creek, 133 acres very little improvement, valued at $150.

Bible, page 2

Bible, page 1

Bible, page 2
from Dotty Stone
Riley Sr. Bible transcription
from Dotty Stone
from Dotty Stone
Riley Sr. Bible transcription2
from Dotty Stone
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