Stone Genealogy

John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

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Harriet Etter 18Apr2023
John Etter 18Apr2023
Joseph Etter 18Apr2023
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Langdon Gundry Stone 10Mar2023
Hunter Hobbs Stone 10Mar2023
Helen Haskell Hobbs 10Mar2023
Mildred Katherine Hunter 10Mar2023
Franklin Dial Stone, Jr 10Mar2023
Franklin Dial Stone, Sr 10Mar2023
Odessa Morene Stone 10Mar2023
Abbie Pauline Anderson 10Mar2023
Lucas Amrein 10Mar2023
John Ray Reuning 16Feb2023
Daniel Keith Stone 16Jan2023
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John Etter 16Dec2022
Louise Jane Keebler 23Aug2022
Mary Ellen Rudisill 21Jul2022
James Marion Steele 21Jul2022
Walter Anderson Schluter 20Dec2021
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William Stone Jr. 21Sep2021
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William Francis Stone 22Aug2021
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Gallimore - Stone family cemetery in Carroll Cty Va
John Stone
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Spencer Stone 03Jun1755 268 years
Joseph Bennett & Polly Stone 04Jun1840 183 years
Everett R. Cooley Sr. & Mollie Kate Worrell 05Jun1918 105 years
James Armitage & Louise Jane Keebler 07Jun1876 147 years
Jesse Nicolas Bosang & Sarah Margaret Stone 10Jun1903 120 years
John W. Vaughan & Ruth Hanks 12Jun1815 208 years
William Wallace Hufford Sr & Lockie Flowers Stone 12Jun1901 122 years
Everett R. Cooley Sr. 03Jun1955 68 years
Peter Etter 03Jun1811 212 years
Homer Horace McFadden 04Jun1904 119 years
Victoria Josephine Stone 05Jun1891 132 years
Luther Boyd McFadden 05Jun1973 50 years
William Criag Thornton 05Jun1913 110 years
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