Stone Genealogy

John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

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John LeGrand Stone
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Myrtle Stone 20Jun1889 135 years
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John William Hays Steele 24Jun1877 147 years
Alvena Eugene Spranley 25Jun1881 143 years
John W. Vaughan 25Jun1853 171 years
John Cunningham Stone & Alvena Eugene Spranley 20Jun1906 118 years
Caleb Jackson & Olive Leonard 22Jun1813 211 years
Harrison Monroe Ferrell & Mary Ann Cass 23Jun1866 158 years
Homer A Jones Jr & Ida Jane Stone 23Jun1942 82 years
George Leonard & Julian Ann Brinkley 25Jun1804 220 years
Frank D Bober & Meta Laura Stone 26Jun1913 111 years
Thomas Hugh Nuckolls 20Jun1900 124 years
Lucy Byrd 21Jun1910 114 years
Ethel Irene Sink 23Jun1972 52 years
Roy Colfax Gallimore 24Jun1929 95 years
Harry Lee Burton 25Jun1929 95 years
Lydia Jennings 25Jun1889 135 years
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