Stone Genealogy

John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

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Lucy F Sink Dec1859 164 years
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Amanda Jane Myers Dec1843 180 years
Thomas V. Reynolds & Nancy A. Stone Dec1880 143 years
Abram Britt & Mary Ellen Stone Dec1869 154 years
Robert Marion Stone & Laura Virginia Surface 06Dec1887 136 years
Samuel Stone & Elizabeth McCrary 06Dec1865 158 years
Thomas Hugh Nuckolls & Charlotte Justine Stone 06Dec1855 168 years
William T. Cooley & Arbella Ellen Stone 07Dec1892 131 years
Andrew Nuckolls Dec1860 163 years
Ellis Virgil Nuckolls Dec1976 47 years
Cologna L Burton Dec1968 55 years
Fielden G Bennett Dec1914 109 years
Harbert C. Jones Dec1977 46 years
Ira Kincannon Melton Dec1883 140 years
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