Stone Genealogy

John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

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John Poage Riely 22Apr2019
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Frances Lore 15Apr2019
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Lillian McFarland 25Sep1880 141 years
Herbert Given Stone 25Sep1896 125 years
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Sam Payne Stone 26Sep1894 127 years
Sarah Ellen Bobbit 26Sep1898 123 years
John Floyd Sumner 26Sep1855 166 years
Washington Lee Gardner & Myrtle Henriette Williams 25Sep1898 123 years
John Sidney Noble Gallimore & Mary Belle Smythers 27Sep1893 128 years
Churchwell Curren Smith & Lucetta Jane Primm 28Sep1865 156 years
John Wesley Vaughan & Margaret Jo Butler 28Sep1847 174 years
Stephen Melton & Elizabeth Bryant 29Sep1836 185 years
Washington Bailey Williams & Rebecca Caroline Stone Oct1858 163 years
Meta Laura Stone 26Sep1948 73 years
Frederick Ernest Reuning 27Sep1993 28 years
Harriett Katherine Harrison 28Sep1995 26 years
Harriett Katharine Stone 28Sep1995 26 years
Velma Fleta Stone 29Sep1966 55 years
Julian Ann Brinkley 29Sep1872 149 years
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