Stone Genealogy

John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

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This is my great grandfather & maybe some friends. My family says I resemble him, ...but you know what they say about stuff you read on The Internet ... so pay no attention. Fritz 21Jan2012
William Riley Stone
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Thomas William Bennett 28Oct1874 146 years
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Moses Holmes Primm Nov1850 170 years
Moses Holmes Primm & Mary Jane Stone 01Nov1876 144 years
James W Stone & Mary Tallulah Bower 01Nov1944 76 years
Gaylord Joseph Stone & Harriett Katherine Harrison 03Nov1912 108 years
Samuel Williams & Jane Moore 08Nov1833 187 years
Thomas Monroe Pearman & Mary Mariah Gallimore 08Nov1876 144 years
Andrew Leonard & Jane Leonard 12Nov1840 180 years
Eliza B. Cooley 28Oct1826 194 years
Sarah Ellen Wagner 30Oct1912 108 years
Elmer H McFadden 30Oct1997 23 years
John Bunyon Stone 30Oct1899 121 years
Helen Virginia Stone Nov1902 118 years
Benjamin Cooley Nuckolls Nov1978 42 years
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