Stone Genealogy

John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

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May Stone 23Mar1876 143 years
Blanche Stone 24Mar1868 151 years
John Bunyon Stone 24Mar1850 169 years
Marceline Linville 24Mar1905 114 years
James Edward Pannell 25Mar1868 151 years
William Stone Jr. 25Mar1810 209 years
Hezekia Smith & Nancy Cooley 29Mar1835 184 years
Frank Folsom Stone & Gillie Wilson 03Apr1912 107 years
John Bunyon Stone & Ella Victoria Richardson 04Apr1877 142 years
Lorenzo Dow Vaughan & Matilda S. Roberts 04Apr1840 179 years
Joshua Primm & Mary Hudson 05Apr1821 198 years
William H. Bunch & Sarah Jennings 06Apr1838 181 years
Leonidas Barkdull Faulk 24Mar1918 101 years
Benjamin F. Cooley 24Mar1845 174 years
Charles Redman Sink 24Mar1948 71 years
Bertie Stone 25Mar1886 133 years
James Armitage 26Mar1919 100 years
Amelia Winesett 26Mar1901 118 years
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