Stone Genealogy

John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

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Minnie Alma Stone 21May1884 135 years
Mary Frances Hawkins 23May1870 149 years
Henry or Heinrich Reuning 23May1863 156 years
Ruth Hanks 24May1797 222 years
Ruth Bryant 24May1764 255 years
Ambrose D. Allen 24May1847 172 years
Joel Stone & Mary Chaney/Polly Myers 20May1822 197 years
Nicholas Mallory & Charlotte Stone 24May1883 136 years
William Bible & Anna Etter 25May1835 184 years
Peter Cooley & Mary Hanks 29May1806 213 years
George Currin & Martha Swift 30May1804 215 years
James Dyer Calfee & Guissie Della Baker 30May1906 113 years
Walter Leonard McFadden 20May1992 27 years
Amanda J. Cooley 20May1854 165 years
Lydia Lewis 21May1873 146 years
Albert Leonard 23May1940 79 years
William T. Cooley 23May1938 81 years
Mary Frances Hawkins 25May1937 82 years
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