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Ellis Virgil Nuckolls (10Mar1895 - Dec1976)

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Born: 10Mar1895 at Gambetta, Carroll Co., VA Father: Henry Clay Nuckolls (Born 1864)
Died: Dec1976 in Ponca City, Kay Co., OK Mother: Francis Lee Cooley (16May1872 - 05May1911)
Children: Virginia L. Nuckolls (Restricted)
Lois Ruth Nuckolls (Restricted)
Joe V. Nuckolls (Restricted)
Mary F. Nuckolls (Restricted)
Robert E. Nuckolls (Restricted)
Siblings: Chessie Lee Nuckolls (12Oct1892 - 12Jun1895)
Benjamin Cooley Nuckolls (30Nov1900 - Nov1978)
Married: Dora Kathleen Hunsaker
According to his WWI draft card, Ellis was of a medium height and build, and had brown eyes/hair. His address was 509 51st, Ponca City, OK.
Census Year Schedule Address Condition Age Profession Place of Birth pedigree view
1890 (USA) Kay Co., OK Ponca City married 45 VA This info is for 1940 census. Family: Dora K. 41, Virginia L. 17, Lois R. 15, Joe V. 14, Mary F. 11, and Bobby E. 8.
1900 (USA) Carroll Co., VA Sulpher Springs unmarried 5 VA Living with his parents at his grandparent's house (Thomas and Charlotte Nuckolls).
1910 (USA) Haskell Co., OK Beaver Township unmarried 15 VA
1920 (USA) Kay Co., OK Ponca City unmarried 25 VA
1930 (USA) Kay Co., OK Ponca City married 35 grocery store salesman VA
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