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John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

Hillery Thomas Jones (30Jan1869 - 22Jul1937)

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Born: 30Jan1869 Father: Henry Clay Jones (10Jun1847 - 20Nov1924)
Died: 22Jul1937 Mother: Rosamond W Sink (23Nov1847 - 15Apr1929)
Children: William Orville Jones (Born 16Aug1889)
Lester C. Jones (01Sep1892 - 19Sep1975)
Eulah E. Jones (Born Nov1895)
Siblings: Friel A. Jones (Born 1866)
Dempsey L. Jones (Born 1873)
Nannie Jones (08Jun1881 - 07Jan1927)
Grover Cleveland Jones (20Feb1886 - Aug1968)
Married: Mary Frances Hawkins
Burial:Isom Cemetery, Carroll Cty Va
Census Year Schedule Address Condition Age Profession Place of Birth pedigree view
1880 (USA) Carroll Co., VA Sulpher Springs unmarried 11 VA
1900 (USA) Carroll Co., VA Sulpher Springs married 31 Farming VA Family members: Fannie 30 b. May 1870 (wife), Orville W. 10 b. Aug 1889 (son), Lester C. 7 b. Sep 1892, and Eola E. 4 b. Nov 1895 (dau). Married 12 years, 3-3 children living.
1910 (USA) Carroll Co., VA Sulpher Springs married 41 Farming VA Family members: Mary 39 (wife), Lester C. 17 (son), and Eulah E. 14 (dau). Married 22 years and 3-3 children are living.
1920 (USA) Carroll Co., VA Blair, Chestnut Creek married 51 Farming VA Family members: wife's name unreadable age 49.
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