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John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

Thomas Hugh Nuckolls (05Apr1817 - 21Jan1903)

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Born: 05Apr1817 Father: Robert Garland Nuckolls (1782 - 1850)
Died: 21Jan1903 Mother: Margaret Swift (07Aug1787 - 08Mar1875)
Children: Emmet Nuckolls
Thomas Hugh Nuckolls (02May1856 - 20Jun1900)
Margaret Nuckolls (Born 1857)
Andrew Nuckolls (1858 - Dec1860)
Nathaniel Richard Nuckolls (Feb1860 - 08Jul1943)
Sarah Margaret Nuckolls (18Aug1861 - 18Aug1861)
Ellis Virgil Nuckolls (17Feb1862 - 13Nov1915)
Henry Clay Nuckolls (Born 1864)
Chester Bullard Nuckolls (15May1866 - 28Jun1935)
Elbert Lee Nuckolls Sr(1868 - Aug1936)
Bertha J Nuckolls (08Sep1869 - 04Jan1921)
Siblings: Clarke Swift Nuckolls (28Dec1807 - 25Feb1890)
Married: Charlotte Justine Stone on 06Dec1855 at Carroll Co, Va
Census:1860 Carroll Co Va
Occupation:Farmer - Carroll Cty
Burial:1903 Dillon-Nuckolls, Carroll Cty Va

During the Civil War, the Yankees raided the Tom Nuckolls farm once and took one of his horses, but they did leave him something in return. At that time General Joseph Hooker was in command of the Union forces. The horse they left with Tom was a beautiful white horse which he renamed "Old Joe Hooker". Old Joe lived to a ripe old age--and was always immaculate. But there was a reason for that: Uncle Tom always kept a fence rail laying across Old Joe's stall so he couldn't lay down and get himself dirty. To brush and curry Old Joe wasn't a chore that must be done; it was a ritual that must be observed like washing one's hands or combing one's hair.---Anecdote told to Ellis Howard Dale Gallimore by his grandfather, Riley Emerson Gallimore.
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