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John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

Bertha Stone (Born 14Oct1888)

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Born: 14Oct1888 at Va Father: Martin Creed Stone (16Jan1841 - 26Jan1925)
Died: Mother: Margaret L Bosang (Born 07Jan1854)
Children: Siblings: Jerry Clarence Stone (26Feb1876 - 25Feb1953)
Robert Stone (18Jan1878 - 29Jun1932)
Mary Stone (Born 1881)
Ruby Stone (Born 1886)
Russell Stone (Born 1893)
Married: Harvey William Carson
Birth year on tombstone appears to be incorrect. Census taken Apr 30, 1910 lists her age at last birthday as 21. Census taken Jan 3, 1920 lists her age at last birthday as 31. Census taken Apr 2, 1930 lists her age at last birthday as 41. All consistent with a birth date after Apr 30 thu Dec 31 of 1988.
1910 Census Pulaski Ward 4, Pulaski, Virginia
Creed M Stone 68 Margret Stone 56 Robert Stone 32 Mary Calfee 29 Ruby Eacakett 24 Bertha Stone 21 Russell Stone 17 Edgar Calfee 29 Edgar Calfee Jr. 0 [11/12] Charles Crockett 24 Sarah Stone 63 John B Anderson 24 Joe Mitchell 25 Archie Jommey 24 Linwood F Anderson 29 George Kuhnert 26 Floyd Mcnew 46 David Mcnew 34
1920 Census Pulaski Ward 3, Pulaski, Virginia
Harvey W Carson 32 Bertha N Carson 31 Harvey W Carson 3 [3 6/12] Robert D Carson 1 [1 9/12]
1930 Census Pulaski, Pulaski, Virginia
Harvey W Carson 43 Bertha S Carson 41 Harvey W Carson 13 Robert D Carson 11 Mary E Carson 10 Robert E Stone 52 Earnest W Calfee 41
1940 Census Pulaski, Pulaski, Virginia
H W Carson 55 Bertha S Carson 51 William Carson 23 Robert Carson 21 Mary Corson 20 E W Calfee 52 R F Cox 24 W E Knoeller 61 W Burnett 22
Oakwood Cemetery, Pulaski, VA
Bertha Stone Carson Tombstone
Oakwood Cemetery, Pulaski, VA
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