Stone Genealogy

John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

James Stephen Stone (1817 - 1884)

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Born: 1817 at Pennsylvania Father: William Stone (1795 - 09Sep1855)
Died: 1884 Mother: Mary Steele (29Jan1800 - 1863)
Children: James Mark Stone (Born 1843)
Amanda C. Stone (Born 1844)
William Francis Stone (Born 1846)
Joel Edward Stone (Born 02Jul1847)
Esther M. Stone (Born 1849)
Susan R. Stone (Born 1851)
Jemina Stone (Born 1853)
Phillip S. Stone (Born 27May1854)
Cephus French Stone (02Dec1856 - 03Feb1924)
Nancy A. Stone (Born 25Jul1860)
Married: Rhoda Hurst
1860 census Western District, Pulaski, Virginia, Post Office: Newbern, James Stone 43 Rhoda Stone 43 James M Stone 17 Amanda C Stone 16 Wm T Stone 14 Joel E Stone 12 Esther M Stone 11 Susan R Stone 9 Jemima Stone 7 Philip S Stone 6 Caphas T Stone 2 Nancy A Stone 3/12
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