Stone Genealogy

John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

Joseph C. Prim (31Jan1836 - 28Apr1899)

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Born: 31Jan1836 at Wythe Co., VA Father: James Primm (1815 - 19Oct1879)
Died: 28Apr1899 in Mokelumne Hill, Calaveras Co., CA Mother: Benetor Allen (Born 1816)
Children: James Henderson Primm (Born 14Feb1856)
John V. Prim (10May1868 - 17Aug1889)
James N. Prim (15Jun1871 - 16Apr1937)
Celia Ann Prim (11Apr1883 - 28Nov1951)
Alameda N. Prim (05Jan1892 - 23Jul1963)
Siblings: John Morgan Prim Sr.(May1834 - 10Sep1914)
Mary Frances Primm (05Jul1838 - 13Mar1916)
David F. Primm (1839 - 16May1864)
James Henderson Primm (22Oct1840 - 25Aug1853)
Lucetta Jane Primm (03Apr1842 - 22Aug1915)
William K. Primm (18Jan1844 - 28Jan1917)
Virginia Ann Primm (19Jul1846 - 15Mar1917)
Elizabeth Susan Primm (19Jul1846 - 1911)
Moses Holmes Primm (Nov1850 - 02Sep1903)
Sarah Primm (Born 1852)
Jemima Primm (09Aug1854 - 04Aug1926)
Hannah Frances Prim (Born 09Aug1854)
Eugenia K. Primm (Born Nov1858)
Married: Martha Jane Freeman on 20Mar1856 at Carroll Co., VA
Sarah Ann Lanier on 30May1867 at Davidson Co., NC
Buried in plot 9C21, Mokelumne Hill Protestant Cemetery, located at 8592 West Center St.
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