Stone Genealogy

John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

Legrand Stone (05Feb1852 - 07Jan1939)

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Born: 05Feb1852 at Carroll Co., VA Father: George W Stone (1820 - 31Dec1879)
Died: 07Jan1939 in Caldwell Co., MO Mother: Mary Ann Burcham (01Nov1823 - 07Dec1906)
Children: Ella Stone
George Stone
Craig Stone
Lee Stone
Edward Stone
Leona Stone
Florence Stone (13Oct1879 - 01Jul1962)
Frederick M. Stone (Feb1885 - 19Apr1959)
Linnie Maude Stone (08Oct1888 - 22Sep1972)
Moreau Stone (25Dec1890 - 22Feb1979)
Siblings: Byram Stone (01Jan1849 - 12Aug1921)
Thomas J. Stone (Born 1854)
Vienna Stone (Born 24Sep1855)
Charlotte Stone (02Aug1858 - 27Jun1885)
Stephen Freal Stone (18Jan1860 - 25May1921)
Caroline Emerzetta Stone (Born 1862)
Arbella Ellen Stone (23Apr1866 - 23Jul1944)
Married: Julia Anne Edwards on 12Dec1878 at Carroll Co., VA
1900 Piper's Gap, Carroll Co., VA census: Legrand Feb 1852, 46, m-21; Julia A. Oct 1855, 44, 10 children born and 10 are still alive; Florence Oct 1879, 20; Craig Jul 1881, 18; Elbert L. Sep 1883, 16; Freddie M. Feb 1885, 15; Leianissin M. Oct 1887, 12, Moria Dec 1888, 11; Dorothy E. Apr 1891, 10, Ruby L. Oct 1893, 6; George W. Mar 1897, 3; Edward L. Aug 1899 10/12. 1910 Lincoln Township, Caldwell Co., MO census: Legrand 56, m-30, Julia A. 54, 10 children born and 10 are still living, Ella 17, Leona 15, George S. 12 Edward M. 10 Moreau C. 14. 1920 New York Township, Caldwell, Co., MO census: Legrand 67, Julia A. 63, Moreau30, Edward L. 19.
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