Stone Genealogy

John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

Charlotte Justine Stone (29Oct1832 - 12Jan1912)

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Born: 29Oct1832 at Grayson Co Va Father: John Stone (17Feb1800 - 31Jan1867)
Died: 12Jan1912 in Quinton, Oklahoma Mother: Sarah Leonard (1806 - 30Jul1864)
Children: Emmet Nuckolls
Thomas Hugh Nuckolls (02May1856 - 20Jun1900)
Margaret Nuckolls (Born 1857)
Andrew Nuckolls (1858 - Dec1860)
Nathaniel Richard Nuckolls (Feb1860 - 08Jul1943)
Sarah Margaret Nuckolls (18Aug1861 - 18Aug1861)
Ellis Virgil Nuckolls (17Feb1862 - 13Nov1915)
Henry Clay Nuckolls (Born 1864)
Chester Bullard Nuckolls (15May1866 - 28Jun1935)
Elbert Lee Nuckolls Sr(1868 - Aug1936)
Bertha J Nuckolls (08Sep1869 - 04Jan1921)
Siblings: Amanda Melvina Stone (circa 1828 - before 1880)
Thomas Jefferson Stone (13Apr1830 - 13Apr1903)
James Obediah Stone (1836 - 13Sep1863)
Virgil M Stone (1837 - 21Feb1862)
Rebecca Caroline Stone (Born 1840)
John LeGrand Stone (07Jul1842 - 10May1900)
Martha A Stone (1846 - 07May1862)
Elizabeth C A Stone (1848 - before 1940)
Married: Thomas Hugh Nuckolls on 06Dec1855 at Carroll Co, Va
Census:1880 Carroll Co Va
Burial:1912 Dillon-Nuckolls, Carroll Cty Va
Thomas and Charlotte with their children
Thomas Nuckolls Family
Thomas and Charlotte with their children
Nuckolls Cemetery, Carroll Co., VA
Charlotte Justine Nuckolls
Nuckolls Cemetery, Carroll Co., VA
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