Stone Genealogy

John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

Elizabeth McCrary (27Oct1842 - 03Mar1915)

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Born: 27Oct1842 at Sullivan Cty Tenn Father: Samuel McCrary (17Aug1815 - 31Aug1878)
Died: 03Mar1915 in New Orleans, La Mother: Lydia Lewis (22Feb1821 - 21May1873)
Children: Guy Stone (21Mar1867 - 10Jun1921)
Sam Stone Jr(1869 - 01Sep1933)
Joe Stone (Born 02Feb1872)
Margaret Stone (13Feb1874 - 15Aug1966)
May Stone (23Mar1876 - 30Nov1966)
John Cunningham Stone (03Jul1878 - 05Oct1938)
George McCrary Stone (27Jun1880 - 03May1945)
Grover Cleveland Stone (12Aug1883 - 09Jul1966)
Frank Folsom Stone (22Jun1886 - 20Jan1952)
Siblings: Sarah Katherine McCrary (01Dec1844 - 13Jan1889)
Married: Samuel Stone on 06Dec1865 at Wythe Cty Va
Census:1860 Tennessee > Sullivan > District 1 > 6 Holston Valley Post Office (It took FOREVER for me to refind this!!!)
Saml Mccray 44 Lydia Mccray 38 George Mccray 19 Elizabeth Mccray 17 Sarah Mccray 15 Margaret Mccray 13 John Mccray 11 Jane Mccray 9 Lucy Mccray 7 Samuel Mccray 5 Hariet Mccray 8/12

Burial:Carrollton Cemetery, NO, La
Elizabeth and her sisters
John Cunningham Stone & Lois Bishop Stone are also buried
Elizabeth Tomb/Carollton NOLA
John Cunningham Stone & Lois Bishop Stone are also buried

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