Stone Genealogy

John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

Catherine Bang (26Oct1717 - 20Apr1788)

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Born: 26Oct1717 at Muenchenstien, Basel Canton, Switzerland Father:
Died: 20Apr1788 in Lebanon, Lancaster, PA Mother:
Children: Elizabeth Etter (Born 27Jul1744)
Peter Etter (16Feb1745 - 03Jun1811)
Sussanna Etter (Born 05Mar1748)
Daniel Etter (27Apr1750 - 05Sep1803)
Anna Maria Etter (08Dec1752 - 1764)
Christian Etter (Born 08Dec1752)
Johannes Etter (Born 04May1755)
Samuel Etter (1758 - 1840)
John Etter (1759 - 1840)
Married: Gerhardt Etter
info from Mary Kegley’s book Early Adventures on the Western Waters, vol 5, pg 253-4
Add'l source: Etter Family History, Unknown Author, located at WCGHA, Wytheville, VA [FR 14Dec2017]
Came to USA & settled in what is now Lebanon Cty PA

They were received into the Moravian Church in 1750 with children Elizabeth b.1744, Peter b.1745, Daniel b.27Apr1750 ("Catalogus der Geschwister in Quitopehilla den 25, Oct, 1752" as published in The Pennsylvania Dutchman, Dec 1, 1950, p.6) In addition they had children John, Samuel & Anna Maria who was said to have married Adam Kettering.
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