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Ida or Eda Voegeli (29Aug1873 - 15Feb1967)

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Born: 29Aug1873 at Gueli, Switzerland Father: Johann Voegeli (Born 0000)
Died: 15Feb1967 in Wellsville, NY Mother: Barbara Walti
Children: Hilda Marie Reuning (21Feb1897 - 30Mar1990)
Ellen Ida Reuning (24Feb1898 - 20Mar2003)
Margaret Reuning (Born 09Jun1899)
Frederick Ernest Reuning (29Aug1901 - 27Sep1993)
Ross Reuning (01Apr1906 - Jun1973)
Siblings: Sophie Voegeli
Anna Voegeli (Born circa Feb1871)
Julia Voegeli (Born Jan1880)
Married: Ernst or Ernest John Reuning on 1895 at Wellsville, NY (not verified)
Walter Anderson Schluter on 22Sep1920 at Shoshone, ID
alternate spelling for Voegeli: Fegely they were Huguenots
Gueli [Güli] near Lake Geneva
See notes on Frederick Ernst Reuning
1895 Arrival in US
Name: Ida Naegeli
Arrival Date: 3 Sep 1895
Birth Date: abt 1873
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Ethnicity/ Nationality: Swiss
Port of Departure: Antwerp, Belgium
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Ship Name: Friesland
1895 arrival: United States Germans to America Index, 1850-1897
1900 census Wellsville, Allegany, New York Ernest Runing 31 Julie [FR: Ida's sister] Runing 20 Hilda Runing 3 Ellen Runing 2 Margaret Runing 11/12 Edeth Kaiser 26 Sophie Kaiser 24
1909 Arrival New York from Havre 12 Dec 1909
1909 Ellis Island arrival but I don't see her on ship manifest link they give???
1910 census Wellsville, Allegany, New York Ernest Penning 41 Eda Penning 36 Alda Penning 13 Ellen Penning 12 Sargent Penning 10 Fritz Penning 5[8] (transcribed as head of household) Rosa Penning 4
Info from census- Yr of immigration to US: 1895

1915 New York census Wellsville, Allegany
Ernst Renning 46 Ida Renning 41 Hilda Renning 18 Ellen Renning 17 Marg Renning 16 Fritz Renning 13 Ross Renning 9 Fritz Leutzinger 27 Wm Carpenter 56 Wm Goodliff 41 C F Palmer 41 Florence Harr 18
1920 census Name: Eta Ruening [Ela Ruening] Age: 46 Birth Year: abt 1874 Birthplace: Switzerland Home in 1920: Kellogg, Shoshone, Idaho Race: White Gender: Female Immigration Year: 1904 Relation to Head of House: Head Marital Status: Divorced Father's Birthplace: Switzerland Mother's Birthplace: Switzerland
Eta Ruening 46 Ross Ruening 14 John Ruening 12
Idaho, Marriage Index, 1842-1996
Name: Eda Reuning Gender: Female
Marriage Date: 22 Sep 1920 Marriage Place: Shoshone, Idaho, USA
Spouse: Walter Anderson Schuter Spouse Gender: Male
Name: Eda Reuning
SSN: 065-42-1822
Last Residence: 14895 Wellsville, Allegany, New York, US
Born: 29 Aug 1873
Died: Feb 1967
State (Year) SSN issued: New York (1965-1966)

Add'l interesting names found:
Name: E Ronning Birth: abt 1872 Departure: 22 Jun 1892 - Liverpool, England Destination: New York, USA
Name: Peter Rönning Birth: abt 1869 Departure: 15 Aug 1894 - Hamburg Arrival: New York Name: Julia Voegeli Birth: abt 1873 Departure: Southampton Arrival: 6 Jul 1896 - New York, New York
Name: Maria Voegeli Birth: abt 1871 Departure: Le Havre, France Arrival: 4 Nov 1889 - Port of New York, New York, United States
Name: Fritz Ronning Birth: abt 1872 Origin: Prussia Departure: Hamburg, Germany and Le Havre, France

--- New York Death Index
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