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John Stone (1750-1827)    William Stone (1772-1856)

John Stone Jr(Born circa 1750)

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Born: circa 1750 at probably VA Father: John Stone (circa 1727 - circa 1800)
Died: Mother: Mildredge (Milley) Corder (circa 1730 - circa 1814)
Children: Siblings: William Stone (Born circa 1753)
Reuben Stone (circa 1755 - circa 09Feb1849)
Raughley (Rolley) Stone (circa 1765 - circa 1821)
Elias (Elum) Stone (circa 1767 - circa 1824)
Lewis Stone (circa 1769 - circa 1830)
Nansey Stone (Born circa 1771)
Hypothesis: This John Stone is “our” John Stone, father of William b.1772.
The information for “this John Stone” & his family comes from the excellent book The Chronicles of Thomas Stone of Hamilton Parish in Colonial Virginia by William (Bill) M. Stone. The book is privately published by the author and if you’re interested in purchasing a copy, contact me & I will provide you with the necessary information.

28Feb2012 Fritz: We're currently researching this avenue. The prime reason being that the DNA of our ancestor matches others who go back to Thomas Stone 1700. See DNA analysis here
30Mar2013 Fritz: Bill's research did not find much info about John Jr. ca.1750. No family info. He does indicate that McRee was at the fall of Charleston.
DAR has our John b.1750 in MCREE'S CO, NC REGT.
See good view of John Jr family info here

March 26, 2013 6:08:31 PM EDT email from Bill [text edited to remove last names of living people] Sara, John first son was Born in about 1748. In my book I talk about him marrying a Barnner. It turns out a few years ago Jack [removed] and myself came across a son of John’s that predates that second marriage. John was living on his own in Granville county NC by 1769 and later moved to Surry which is just over the Virginia and NC border from Grayson County. His to sones both born near 1770 were Corder and Thomas. It’s possible that there was a William. By the way a Joel Corder was Killed in 1793 in the Cumberland Gap so a Joel was a common name in the Corder family. John’s first wife may have been a Corder. The second possibility was a John Stone who was in Laurens SC, the ninety sixth district with his father john in the book he leaves for ? His brothers Reuben and William were both in the SC Line during the revolutionary war. WOOD, JOHN, NC, #R11792 [denied] 31 August 1832, Hawkins Co, Tennessee, affidavit of applicant in Open Court states he is age about 69, states he enlisted in Surry Co, NC in the Spring of 17[smear] or 1781, unsure of which but it was before the Siege of Ninety-Six [District]. Served under Capt. William Armstrong and Col. McCree. Marched to Saulsbery [Salisbury] where Capt. Armstrong was taken sick and he was placed under Capt Pervance & Major McCree. Then marched to Ninety Dix [District] and joined Gen. Green was at the seige and when the British were commanded by Lord Raddon. The American Army retreated to Utaw Springs as he was told, but does not know as he was marched back to take 150 prisoners to Saulsbury, then marched to Utaw Springs where he remained some time, then was sent to attend on Capt Armstrong in Saulsbury under whom he enlisted and who had not yet receovered his health. Was then taken in a waggon to where the Capt had a Brother living in Surry County, North Carolina where this applicant remained with him until the term of his enlistment expired. Was then discharged after serving out his time of twelve months. States he received his discharge from Capt. Wm Armstrong and lost it. So it is possible he was part of the troops under McCree. Similarly Milly had at least to Grandsons named Joel Stone one was Reuben's the other was Lewis’s. So it’s probable that the dependency from one of these to lines is highly likely. In both cases The John’s in Question were born about 1750. William and Hanna son was born in 1748 and John and Milly’s son 1750. I haven’t been able to trace john after he left SC in late 1797. A John wood was a preacher in the ninety sixth district in the 1780’s Bill
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